Funding Sources

Most PPGLinC permanent faculty projects have funding (expenses and/or capital), scientific initiation scholarships (PIBIC), teaching initiation (PIBID), Permanecer scholarships, PET scholarships. These grants are funded by CNPq, FAPESB and UFBA.
We point out that, over the course of PPGLinC, such funding sources have fostered the integration between PPGLinC and the undergraduate program that has been taking place through not only by teaching practices in PIBID, PIBIC supervision, Permanecer, and PET, but also through guidance during the teaching internship in the public education from elementary to academic levels. We can also observe the intellectual productions resulting from those interlocutions in social, cultural and political levels involved in the field of language and cultural studies.
UFBA acts strongly in that context. In recent years, it has offered IC, IT and ICJr scholarships from CNPq, FAPESB and from its own budget. Additionally, an innovation that UFBA adopts and that strengthens even more the ties between graduate and undergraduate programs is the use of graduate students as tutors of IC, IT and ICJr students. The Permanent Center for Extension in Languages - NUPEL - offers, in partnership with PROPG and the Pro Rectory of Planning and Budget (PROPLAN), translation services into Spanish and English of the websites of all the Graduate Programs rated with a CAPES grade 4 or higher. The translation activities are carried out exclusively by undergraduate and stricto sensu graduate students from ILUFBA (Translators in training from NUPEL), and are part of the NUPEL Complementary Professional Training Axis. All students are supervised by an effective professor (Supervisor-Translator) who is responsible for supervising, reviewing and training these students. Several PPGLinC faculty researchers and students work at NUPEL as supervisors and language teachers in training, respectively.
From the positive results of mentoring and the performance of teachers in training, one can notice the strengthening of the PPGLinC research lines, in that fruitful exchange between graduate and undergraduate programs, the transition from undergraduate students to graduate, and masters to doctorate.
At the master’s and doctorate levels, PPGLinC receives scholarships from CAPES and FAPESB.
Among permanent professors, PPGLinC has 4 in CNPq research productivity, being 2 (two) with PQ-2 scholarship (Dr. Célia Marques Telles and Dr. Marcia Paraquett Fernandes), 1 with PQ- C (Dr. Dante Lucchesi) and 1 (one) with PQ-B scholarship (Dr. Jacyra Andrade Mota).

Summary of the Funding Sources:


  • Scientific Initiation Scholarship – PIBIC
  • Research Productivity Scholarship 
  • Public Call MCTI/CNPq No xx/20xx - Universal / Universal
  • Universal Call CNPQ 20xx
  • Senior Internship Abroad 


  • National Postdoctoral Plan 
  • Institutional Program of Teaching Initiation Scholarship
  • Program of Social Demand 
  • Program for Sandwich Doctorate Abroad